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SpotOn! Match Scientific Matches for Franchisors

Franchisors do you want better candidates from your franchise brokers? Prospective franchisees that look like your top performers? Then check out the SpotOn! Match. The SpotOn! Match allows franchise brokers to scientifically compare their prospects to your high performing franchisees. To participate you’ll need to complete a Top Performer Blueprint. Email Phil Mettra at: More[…]

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Customized Franchisee Training

Why customized training is so important “The most useful training is the training that is customized to the franchisee. One-size-fits-all only creates mediocrity,” according to Monet. She suggests taking a closer look at the franchisee, measuring areas where they are strong and exploiting the areas where they are weak to customize training in such a[…]

Lessons in Franchising by Aesop, retold and revised by Rebecca Monet

Aesop’s Franchise Lessons

Aesop’s Franchise Lessons The Donkey and the Grasshoppers, revised and retold by Rebecca Monet A Donkey having heard some Grasshoppers chirping and singing was highly enchanted. Desiring to possess the same charms of melody, he asked, “Grasshoppers what is it that makes you sing so beautifully? Is there a special food that you eat?” “Yes,”[…]

Rebecca Monet elected to FBA advisory board

Member of Advisory Board

Rebecca Monet Elect to FBA Advisory Board Rebecca Monet, president and chief scientist at Zoracle Profiles, was elected as a member of The Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) advisory board. She will build the foundation to execute the vision of the FBA, which is focused on four main pillars: technology, support, scalability and transparency. Read more[…]

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Leaders & Legends in the Franchise World

Red Boswell (ERA), Gary Gardner (Franchise Update Media), Steve Olson (Olson & Associates) and Keith Gerson (FranConnect) took a moment to pose for the camera during the awards dinner at Maggiano’s in Buckhead, GA. Another great Franchise Leadership and Development Conference.

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Can A Big Franchise Ship Be Turned?

Can A Big Franchise Ship Be Turned? There was once a franchise company, a very big ship with many years of significant history behind it. Thousands of franchisees were spread across all continents with the potential to make a major impact. But in past few years a deep rift had developed between franchisees on the[…]

1851 Magazine

Top Traits of the Best Franchisee Recruiters

1851 Magazine picks up Joe Mathews’ article Who Makes a Great Franchisee Recruiter. Joe’s article highlights the Top 8 Traits of Franchise Sales Pros research Zoracle Profiles completed in 2015 on 41 top performing franchisee recruiters. Reach out to Aubree Coderre directly at if you would like the full report. Read more here.


Plug and Play vs. Cookie Cutter Franchise Systems

Screw Henry Ford! We are no longer in the industrial age. Who wants to be yet another cog in the wheel? Henry, as you know, popularized the assembly line and mass production idea. Sure, he put a lot of cars on the road and in turn got rich. But this is the 21st century. It’s time[…]

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Get Em’ to Take the Profile!

Get Em’ to Take the SpotOn! Profile Webinar! When: Thursday, July 28 Time: 11:00 PDT A common question our clients ask is: how do you get prospects to take the assessment? We decided to turn to our franchisor and franchise broker clients and ask them to share their best practices and success stories. Participating panelists:[…]

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Zee-Zor Fit Matters

Rebecca Monet’s recent contribution to focuses on the compatibility of franchisees and franchisors, specifically targeting the benefits and challenges of a Stage 2 Partnership Franchise system. Read more here.