SpotOn! Profile Training

No More Lookie-Lous!

Tired of prospective franchisees kicking tires and wasting your time? Are you attracting prospective franchisees that are a poor fit within your franchise organization? Are the good candidates going south – disappearing due diligence midstream? Discover the neurological wiring that draws individuals to your franchise concept and what it takes to attract the right candidate and successfully move them through your franchise development process.



Closing the Neurological Gaps

Have you experienced the pain of losing, what you thought, was a prospective franchisee that was ready to buy? There goes all of your hard work AND your commission! Everything looked like it was moving forward but … then they turn into ghosts. In a millisecond, for no apparent reason the deal has gone south. What happened? Simply put: there was a gap … however large or small between you and your prospective franchisee. Something bigger and even less tangible than your lost commission came between you and your candidate. In this webinar you will learn how to bridge neurological gaps, align values, steer your candidate and close more deals.



Values-Based Marketing

Successful marketing is a cross between the science of motivation and the art of attraction. In this webinar you will learn how to attract more of your ideal franchisees. It’s no secret, franchisees that are a good fit have the the greatest likelihood of success and high performance.

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