SpotOn! Match Broker Dashboard

SpotOn! Match: Prospect-to-Franchise Matches

A sneak peek at the franchise broker’s SpotOn! Match Dashboard. Brokers you’ll see immediate prospect-franchisor matches and individual statistics within your dashboard. Not signed up yet? Email Phil Mettra at: More info:

SpotOn! Match

SpotOn! Match: Scientific Zee-to-Zor matching

SpotOn! Match has been used in Australia, Turkey, Italy, Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Brazil and Portugal and will be available in the USA and Canada early 2019. Pre-register now: The SpotOn! Match will categorically compare your prospective franchisee to the high performing franchisees within franchise systems that Zoracle Profiles has completed a Top Performer[…]

No More Lookie-Lous: The Science of Getting More Superstar Franchisees

The science of attracting high performing franchisees

No More Lookie-Lous: Session 1 This is the first session of the No More Lookie Lou Series. In this webinar we discuss the neurological make-up of the comfort zone and trait curiosity and lay the foundation for moving a prospective franchisee through the discovery and due diligence process of buying a franchise.

Rebecca Monet of Zoracle Profiles is awarded Trainer of the Award at FBA Conference

Trainer of the Year

Rebecca Monet Awarded Trainer of the Year Zoracle Profiles received two awards this year at the FBA Conference in Orlando, Florida. For the third year in a row Zoracle won the Vendor of the Year award and this year Rebecca Monet was also awarded Trainer of the Year. At Zoracle Profiles we take the job of[…]

Welcome Aboard New Clients: Corey Kammerdiener, Sirpa Kosonen, Trish Benedik.

Welcome. New Clients.

Welcome New Zoracle Profiles Clients! Zoracle Profiles welcomes new franchise broker clients. We wish Sirpa Kosonen, Cory & Milly Kammerdiener and Trish Benedik great success. Would you like to learn more about the SpotOn! Profile for franchise sales? Want a tool that will assist you in franchisee-franchisor matching? Try SpotOn! Profile FREE for 30-Days.

FBA Conference, Zoracle Profiles, Rebecca Monet, FBA

FBA Conference 2016

Franchisors and franchise brokers join Zoracle Profiles on November 15th at the FBA Conference for: Start-up to Supersize: how to incite evolution and revolution Due to competition, technological advances, availability of resources and other market related changes the climate of business can be as variable as the weather. Learn how successful franchise companies purposefully incite[…]

Trumpism and Franchisee Selection, Franchise Marketing, Franchisee Recruitment, Franchise Culture, Franchise Sales, Franchise Broker

#Trumpism & Zee Selection

Trumpism and Franchisee Selection This might sound strange, especially coming from a millennial, but, Donald Trump gave some great, advice that would have a ‘uge, and I mean ‘uge, impact on how franchisors select their franchisees. The outspoken businessman and Presidential candidate’s proposed method for vetting immigration candidates, prior to admitting them into the United[…]

Zoracle Profiles a preferred vendor to IFPG franchise brokers and franchise companies.

IFPG Members

Zoracle Profiles Preferred Vendor to IFPG Zoracle Profiles has officially joined the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG). We look forward to serving IFPG franchise brokers and franchisors. All IFPG members are encouraged to take advantage of our 30-day FREE trial offer. Sign-up here: Broker: Franchisor:

Rebecca Monet teaches meta programs and how they effect a prospecgtive franchisee's decision making

Decision Making Strategies

SpotOn! Selling: Decision Making Strategies Meta Program are scarcely conscious, yet enormously influential filters that individuals use to process, make sense of and respond to information from the world around them. In this video you’ll learn 3 Decision Making Meta Programs including: Optional vs. Procedural, Sameness vs. Exception and Internal vs. External.

Rebecca Monet's The Empire Franchise article in, Stages of Growth, Franchise Marketing, Franchise Broker, Franchisee Profiling

The Empire Rules

Franchise Size Does Matter I know you’ve likely heard otherwise, but trust me size does matter. If some politically correct Ms. Know It All franchise broker has told you otherwise she’s pulling your chain. Sure, there are a few David and Goliath stories out there in franchising, and like most Americans I like to root[…]