Is Your Franchisee Commitment Phobic (Pt. 2)

Do your franchisees lack initiative and drive?

Are they easily discouraged and stuck in the past?

Do they have inflated egos but little success?

Are your prospects & franchisees indecisive or fickle?

Do they lack self-discipline or loyalty to your brand?

If so, you will want to join us to discuss 4 unique Emotional and Social Intelligence markers that have a direct impact on self-motivation. Learn how to recruit for, and encourage these attributes to increase franchisee performance and enhance system-wide focus.

This is the first of a series of webinars address an alarming trend in franchising: Emotional and Social Intelligence scores have dropped gradually and consistently the past 2 generations and specifically the last 6 years. If you haven’t already you will soon encounter the negative consequences of franchisees unable to focus, commit, make decisions or take initiate. Join us to learn how to circumvent these challenges.

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