Grit: Cultivate Courage and Perseverance (Pt. 3)

Do your franchisees lack grit, guts and hustle?

Are they impatience or lazy?

Do they lack stamina and resilience?

Are they fearful, anxious or hesitant?

This might be a good webinar for you: if you, your franchisees or someone you know is plagued with fear, procrastination or lack stick-to-it-ness. In last month’s webinar ““Is Your Franchisee Commitment Phobic?” we revealed a frightening trend in franchising: Emotional and Social Intelligence scores have dropped gradually and consistently the past 2 generations including commitment and self-motivation. In this webinar we’ll dig into the attributes of grit, guts and hustle and how you can recognize, recruit for and cultivate these attributes within your franchise system. Learn the psychology of grit. Get greater results.

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