Franchisee Research

Franchisors of all sizes and shape are invited to take part in this year’s complementary franchisee performance research.  2017 research will focus on franchisee recruitment and how to get more top performers.

Research is sponsored by FRM Solutions, Franchise Business Review, Olson & Associates and Zoracle Profiles.

Why annual franchise research?

An ongoing concern for franchise companies is strong unit level economics. Without which a franchise system is detrimentally impacted in terms of decreased royalties, pool of potential franchise candidates and access to capital.  There are 5 primary influences on unit level economics: the extent of franchisor’s formal systems and franchisees’ compliance to systems, market selection, real estate selection, franchisee selection and other economic factors.

Since each of these factors change over time, frequent assessment and evaluation is vital. The data collected and sponsors’ combined intelligence address these influences allowing franchisor to be more predictive and proactive.

How does it work? It’s simple really.

  • You will select 5-10 top and 5-10 low performing franchisees.
  • Franchisees will take a 12-15 minute assessment.

What’s in it for you? Lots.

  • You will receive individual assessment results on each of your franchisees.
  • You will receive a FREE report delineating the attributes of your Ideal Franchisee, along with recruitment recommendations (Normally $495).
  • Your confidential data will contribute to franchising as a whole; by providing unprecedented cross-vertical insights, whitepapers and reports.

To get started: sign-up here:

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