Franchise Action Network

We would like to thank all of the dedicated advocates of franchising, including Shelly Sun, Catherine Monson, Paul Pickett and Robert Cresanti and many more who attended the Franchise Action Network event this week on Capitol Hill. FAN provides a platform for open dialogue between the voices of franchising and representatives in Congress regarding small business and franchising issues and initiatives.

We all have to deal with the various local, state, and federal laws and regulations that govern our business. FAN is a great way to review those as well as to lobby for laws that are favorable towards franchising. Per the FAN website:

“Main Street businesses, including local franchise businesses, are a pillar of job creation. America’s 700,000 franchise establishments support nearly 8.4 million direct jobs, $900 billion of economic output and 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). While the franchise industry is projected to grow faster than the overall economy, adding over 13,000 new franchise establishments and 278,000 direct jobs in 2016, the industry continues to face significant public policy threats that put the franchise business model at risk. The franchise industry would see additional growth if the following policy changes were to be enacted: Click here to view the 2017 Franchise Public Policy Platform.”

The FAN website also offers a form that you can fill out to contact your representative about these issues and more. If, like us, you were unable to make it out to Washington this last week to meet in person this is a great next step. You can view and fill out the form here:

Once again we here at Zoracle would like to thank everyone who went to the FAN this week and we hope you will join us in supporting pro franchising legislation on The Hill.

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