No More Lookie-Lous: The Science of Getting More Superstar Franchisees

The science of attracting high performing franchisees

No More Lookie-Lous: Session 1 This is the first session of the No More Lookie Lou Series. In this webinar we discuss the neurological make-up of the comfort zone and trait curiosity and lay the foundation for moving a prospective franchisee through the discovery and due diligence process of buying a franchise.

Lessons in Franchising by Aesop, retold and revised by Rebecca Monet

Aesop’s Franchise Lessons

Aesop’s Franchise Lessons The Donkey and the Grasshoppers, revised and retold by Rebecca Monet A Donkey having heard some Grasshoppers chirping and singing was highly enchanted. Desiring to possess the same charms of melody, he asked, “Grasshoppers what is it that makes you sing so beautifully? Is there a special food that you eat?” “Yes,”[…]

Welcome Aboard New Clients: Corey Kammerdiener, Sirpa Kosonen, Trish Benedik.

Welcome. New Clients.

Welcome New Zoracle Profiles Clients! Zoracle Profiles welcomes new franchise broker clients. We wish Sirpa Kosonen, Cory & Milly Kammerdiener and Trish Benedik great success. Would you like to learn more about the SpotOn! Profile for franchise sales? Want a tool that will assist you in franchisee-franchisor matching? Try SpotOn! Profile FREE for 30-Days.

Rebecca Monet teaches meta programs and how they effect a prospecgtive franchisee's decision making

Decision Making Strategies

SpotOn! Selling: Decision Making Strategies Meta Program are scarcely conscious, yet enormously influential filters that individuals use to process, make sense of and respond to information from the world around them. In this video you’ll learn 3 Decision Making Meta Programs including: Optional vs. Procedural, Sameness vs. Exception and Internal vs. External.

CEO and President of Renue Systems' David Grossman joins Aubree Coderre on SpotOn! Spotlight.

Spotlight: David Grossman

Spotlight with David Grossman CEO, Renue Systems In our first SpotOn! Spotlight David Grossman, CEO & President of Renue Systems , sat down with Aubree Coderre of  Zoracle Profiles to share some insights on Renue Systems Franchise. Listen to the playback to learn more about: The history of Renue Systems How David Grossman became a franchisor[…]

SpotOn! Basics, Franchisee Profiling Tools, franchise development

SpotOn! Profile Basics Lesson 6

Zoracle’s SpotOn! Basics: Business Path This is the 6th of 7 videos in the SpotOn! Basics training series. The SpotOn! Profile helps franchise brokers and franchise companies determine if a prospective franchisee is a good fit. This training addresses the business path and sales style of a prospective franchisee. Reach out if you have question[…]