Attract Your Ideal Franchisee

Attract Your Ideal Zees

At Zoracle we know that values affect every decision we make. From what we buy, what clothes we wear and what messages we respond to. In this SpotOn! Marketing Session, Rebecca Monet addresses our most commonly asked question by franchisors:”How do we attract more top performing franchisees”? It is important to note that each systems[…]

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SpotOn! Marketing

Successful marketing is a cross between the science of motivation and the art of attraction. In this webinar you will learn how to attract more of your ideal franchisee. Franchisees that are a good fit and have the the greatest likelihood of high performance. When: Thursday, April 21th @ 10:00am PST Where:

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Profile-Based Marketing

Profile-Based Franchise Marketing Success leaves clues. Who wouldn’t want to uncover its secrets – especially when launching a marketing campaign? It’s not surprising that a behavioral scientist with a specialty in neuroscience would be fascinated with success. After all, I’ve spent the past 23 years studying, quantifying, validating and modeling the psychographic markers which create[…]


Too Many Leads

Article by: Aubree Coderre Let’s face it. Lead generation is a hot topic. How do people get leads and how do they get MORE leads?  Many conversations at the IFA Annual Convention touched on the topic. From our stand point, at Zoracle Profiles MORE leads is never the answer, rather how to get RIGHT FIT[…]

Franchise Revolution Webinar, taught by Marcos Moura and Rebecca Monet of Zoracle Profiles, Franchise Recruitment, Franchisee Selection, Franchisee Performance

Webinar: Franchise Revolution

Franchise Revolution Webinar Rebecca Monet and Marcos Moura of DBAHuman are offering insight into who your ideal franchisee is and how to recruit more top performing franchisees on May 28th. Register here.