grit 3

Grit: Cultivate Courage and Perseverance (Pt. 3)

Do your franchisees lack grit, guts and hustle? Are they impatience or lazy? Do they lack stamina and resilience? Are they fearful, anxious or hesitant? This might be a good webinar for you: if you, your franchisees or someone you know is plagued with fear, procrastination or lack stick-to-it-ness. In last month’s webinar ““Is Your[…]

The importance of culture in franchising.

It’s All About Culture!

Culture. We hear it everywhere. But other than “traditions, customs and throwing a plate against the wall when we’re done eating,” what does culture really mean in the context of a business setting? Let’s explore. What is Culture? Culture is defined in example 5.c. of Merriam-Webster as “The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and[…]

Franchise Action Network

Franchise Action Network

We would like to thank all of the dedicated advocates of franchising, including Shelly Sun, Catherine Monson, Paul Pickett and Robert Cresanti and many more who attended the Franchise Action Network event this week on Capitol Hill. FAN provides a platform for open dialogue between the voices of franchising and representatives in Congress regarding small[…]

Zoracle Profiles 2017 Franchise Research

Franchisee Research

Franchisors of all sizes and shape are invited to take part in this year’s complementary franchisee performance research.  2017 research will focus on franchisee recruitment and how to get more top performers. Research is sponsored by FRM Solutions, Franchise Business Review, Olson & Associates and Zoracle Profiles. Why annual franchise research? An ongoing concern for franchise[…]

Jim Canfield, Managing Director of CEO Tools by Aprio

Jim Canfield’s Power Score

San Diego 3Q2017 Franchise Business Network was a hit. Jim Canfield, former CEO of Renassiance Executive Forum and current managing partner of CEO Tools by Aprio shared with us THE POWER SCORE: How the Best Teams Deliver the Best Results.  1. Priorities— Do we have the right priorities? 2. Who—Do we have the right people on the team? 3. Relationships—Do[…]