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SpotOn! Profile Basics Lesson 6

Zoracle’s SpotOn! Basics: Business Path This is the 6th of 7 videos in the SpotOn! Basics training series. The SpotOn! Profile helps franchise brokers and franchise companies determine if a prospective franchisee is a good fit. This training addresses the business path and sales style of a prospective franchisee. Reach out if you have question[…]

1851 Magazine

Top Traits of the Best Franchisee Recruiters

1851 Magazine picks up Joe Mathews’ article Who Makes a Great Franchisee Recruiter. Joe’s article highlights the Top 8 Traits of Franchise Sales Pros research Zoracle Profiles completed in 2015 on 41 top performing franchisee recruiters. Reach out to Aubree Coderre directly at if you would like the full report. Read more here.


Plug and Play vs. Cookie Cutter Franchise Systems

Screw Henry Ford! We are no longer in the industrial age. Who wants to be yet another cog in the wheel? Henry, as you know, popularized the assembly line and mass production idea. Sure, he put a lot of cars on the road and in turn got rich. But this is the 21st century. It’s time[…]

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Get Em’ to Take the Profile!

Get Em’ to Take the SpotOn! Profile Webinar! When: Thursday, July 28 Time: 11:00 PDT A common question our clients ask is: how do you get prospects to take the assessment? We decided to turn to our franchisor and franchise broker clients and ask them to share their best practices and success stories. Participating panelists:[…]


Research: Marriage is Good for Franchise Sales

Our franchising colleagues Steve Olson and Rebecca Monet recently completed an in-depth Masters of Franchise Sales study about what separates top-notch franchisee recruiters and everyone else in the field. We spotlighted their findings in our last blog, titled “Who makes a great franchisee recruiter?” One of the amazing “I never saw that coming” takeaways was[…]