FBN San Diego

FBN San Diego: April 6

Whatever you have planned, don’t miss our next FBN meeting! We’ll be doing a mind-bending interactive exercise that will challenge your franchise creativity, competitive spirit and expertise. You will pioneer a first-ever franchise that should take San Diego County by storm. Today this breakout brand enjoys astounding success in the San Francisco and Atlanta franchise[…]

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Webinar: Splatter Dots

Join us March 24 at 10 PST to discuss : Values & Splatter Dots You already know that values influence behavior. In fact, values are behind every decision your prospective franchisee will make – including which business they will buy. Makes sense then to know your prospect’s values. But did you know a missing value[…]

Rebecca Monet joins Bonnie Dillabough on SpotOn! Chat to discuss the Stages of Growth of a Franchise System

Plug and Play Franchise System

SpotOn! Chat: The Plug and Play Franchise   SpotOn! Chat with Rebecca Monet, Chief Scientist of Zoracle Profiles and Bonnie Dillabough discussing Stage 3 Plug and Play Franchise Companies and their attributes, crises and means of ongoing growth. Rebecca also discusses the use of franchisee profiling tools for franchisee recruitment and franchisee selection.

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Profile-Based Marketing

Profile-Based Franchise Marketing Success leaves clues. Who wouldn’t want to uncover its secrets – especially when launching a marketing campaign? It’s not surprising that a behavioral scientist with a specialty in neuroscience would be fascinated with success. After all, I’ve spent the past 23 years studying, quantifying, validating and modeling the psychographic markers which create[…]