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SpotOn! Profile Basics: Lesson 3

Zoracle’s SpotOn! Profile Basics: Cultural Fit This is the 3rd of 7 videos in the SpotOn! Profile Basics Series. The SpotOn! Profile helps franchise brokers and franchise companies determine if a prospective franchisee is a good fit. This training addresses the cultural fit of prospective franchisees. Reach out if you have question:

FBA Announces Strategic Partnership with Zoracle Profiles

Zoracle is pleased to announce Franchise Brokers Association and Zoracle Profiles have forged a strategic partnership to provide franchisee-franchisor matching tools to brokers and franchisors. FBA franchisors can participate by completing a Top Performer Blueprint on their current top, mid and low performing franchisees. Franchisees will complete Zoracle’s SpotOn! Profile and Leadership Assessment to determine[…]

Interview with Radio Talk Show Franchise Today

Franchise Today Interview

Zoracle Profiles President Rebecca Monet was interviewed on Franchise Today by Paul Segreto and Stan Friedman. They discussed the ins and outs of not only Zoracle Profiles, but franchising as well. “What is the franchisee in Houston out performing the franchisee in Kansas City?” Rebecca addresses her own question by explaining the Top Performer Blueprint[…]