Franchise Sales Masters Research Review

Steve Olson of Olson & Associates and Rebecca Monet of Zoracle Profiles discuss a few of the findings from their year-long research on top performing franchise sales professionals. Ground-breaking research delineating the attributes of top performing franchise development professionals is now available to franchisors seeking more effective hiring and ongoing training practices for their sales[…]

Rebecca Monet joins Bonnie Dillabough on SpotOn! Chat to discuss the Stages of Growth of a Franchise System

Entrepreneurial Franchise

SpotOn! Chat: Entrepreneurial Franchise System SpotOn! Chat with Rebecca Monet, Chief Scientist of Zoracle Profiles and Bonnie Dillabough discuss Stage 1 Entrepreneurial Franchise Systems and their attributes, crises and means of ongoing growth.


Debunking Franchise Sales Myths

I’ve been in sales most of my professional life. I think, sales people as well as the rest of the population, have some pretty solid stereotypes about who we are and how we operate. Steve Olson of Olson & Associates along with Rebecca Monet of Zoracle Profiles recently teamed up to conduct research on some[…]