Personality test are ineffective for franchisee selection. Zoracle Profiles provides a meta-analysis approach to franchise recruitment, selection, training and support.

Ink Blots

Stop Using Personality Test to Select Franchisees Personality tests are about as useful as ink blots when selecting a franchisee. There is less than 3% correlation between personality and performance. Stop using personality tests. Listen to Rebecca Monet’s interview on SpotOn! Chat with Bonnie Dillabough where she addresses the many reasons it’s a bad idea[…]

Deb Evans and Jack Monson of Social Geek Radio host Rebecca Monet and discuss why personality test are ineffective in the franchisee selection process.

Social Geek Radio

Rebecca Monet on Social Geek Radio Rebecca Monet was the featured guest of Deb Harrison Evans, of Franchise Foundry and Jack Monson, of Manalto on their show: Social Geek Radio! Listen to them talk about the good, bad and ugly of personality profiles. Rebecca Monet has some strong opinions as to why personality test are[…]

Seth Lederman of FranNexus, joins Rebecca Monet of Zoracle Profiles as they discuss how to select and present franchise concepts to prospective franchisees

Select & Present Concepts

Seth Lederman: Select and Present Franchise Concepts Seth Lederman of FranNexus joined Rebecca Monet as they reviewed the results of 2 of his franchise candidates. One who bought a franchise another who did not. Case histories are always fun and our franchise brokers and franchisors learn so much. Check it out. Click Here Seth Lederman[…]

Franchise Business Review partners with Zoracle Profiles in annual franchisee performance research.

Franchisee Performance

Annual Franchisee Performance Research Would you be willing to participate in a science project if you knew it would benefit franchising? We are in hopes of dissecting correlations between psychometric markers and franchisee satisfaction and performance.